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Soviet lens MTO-1000A 1100mm f/10.5 M42 Telephoto lens Mirror Maksutov

Soviet lens MTO-1000A 1100mm f/10.5 M42 Telephoto lens Mirror Maksutov

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Compatible Brand: For Arri,For Canon,For Contax,For Exakta,For Fujifilm,For Kodak,For Konica,For Leica,For Lomo,For Minolta,For Nikon,For Olympus,For Panasonic,For Pentax,For Praktica

Maximum Aperture: f/10.5

Brand: KMZ

Series: MTO

Type: Telephoto

Focus Type: Manual

Compatible Lens Front: 95 mm

Model: MTO 1000

Mount: M42

Focal Length: 10-100mm

Compatible Filter Size: 95 mm

Exterior Material: Aluminum

MTO-1000A 1100mm f/10.5 mirror lens

  1. MTO-1000A 1100mm f/10.5 
  2. MTO-1000A 1100mm f/10.5 + Tourist FL attachment
  3. MTO-1000A 1100mm f/10.5 + TK-2 tele converter

The MTO-1000A 1100mm f/10.5 is a Maksutov-Cassegrain super telephoto reflex lens for 35mm SLR cameras.
It has an interchangeable shank with 2 threads - M39 or M42.
The focus ring has an angular stroke of ~ 355 °, which allows very precise focusing. Also on the lens body there is an aiming front sight for rough aiming at the subject.

 - With the attachment "Tourist-FL" MTO-1000A can be used as a telescope with 111x magnification.
Spotting Scope Tourist FL is intended (for astrophotography) to be used with photographic lenses having M42x1 mount thread such as MC INDUSTAR 61 L/Z, JUPITER 9, MC 3M-5CA, MTO-1000A to observe remote objects in an erect image. The attachment together with a lens form (make up) a hand telescope with magnification 6x (with MC INDUSTAR-61 L/Z) to 111x (with MC MTO-11CA). Observations of celestial bodies can be carried out using the eyepiece attachment with MC 3M-5CA, MC MTO-11CA, Rubinar 10/1000, Rubinar 5.6/500, Rubinar 8/500, Rubinar 4.5/300 lenses. Spotting Scopes Spotting Scope Tourist FL specifications Magnification, x 6-111 Exit eyepiece diameter, mm 0.9-1.9 Angle of view, deg 20'-4.4 Overall Dimensions, mm D52x185 Weight, kg 0.15 Here is a picture of hand telescope with camera lens of series.
Magnification for some lenses:
Мир-1 — 4,2Х
Gelios-44 – 6,5Х
Юпитер-9 — 9,6Х
Tair-11 – 15,2Х
МТО-500 — 56Х
МТО-1000 — 112Х

 - Teleconverter TK-2 is an optical system installed between the camera body and the shooting lens to increase its focal length by 2 times. 

Thus, the use of this teleconverter gives the effect of using a lens with twice the focal length. Has a diaphragm pusher, so that the blinking aperture can work on the installed lens. Good condition, fastening - thread M42.
ТK-2 increases focal length lens 2 times, while the number F also doubles, respectively aperture the lens decreases by 4 times (2 stops). K-1 also supports blinking aperture device.
Teleconverter TK-2  to increase the focal length of the lens. For example, you have a 55-200mm telephoto lens, and desperately need a stronger zoom. There are two ways out: either buy a new lens or buy a converter. With a teleconverter with a magnification of 2x, you can achieve a focal length of 400mm with the same lens. It is very comfortable. Teleconverter can be used with any lens. If you have several lenses, then you can increase the focal length of any of them.


Format: 35mm mirror

Type: Fixed focal length (fixed)

Focus: Manual focus

System: M42

Optical design: Number of elements/groups - 6/4


Features: Mirror Lens

Additional Information:
Actual focal length - 1084 mm ±1.5%
Angular field of view - 2°30'
Resolution according to specifications (center / edge) - 28/16 lines / mm.
Thread for filter - 120x1 mm
Tripod sockets (2 pads with 2 sockets each,
90° apart) - 1/4" + 3/8"
Built-in retractable hood - 53 mm


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