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16mm Kinor-16SX-2M Cine Camera, Motor, 2 Magazines, Motor, Lens Good shape

16mm Kinor-16SX-2M Cine Camera, Motor, 2 Magazines, Motor, Lens Good shape

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Brand: Kinor

Series: Kinor

Type: 16mm Cine Camera

Format: 16 mm

Focus Type: Manual

Color: Black

Model: Kinor-16SX-2M

Year Manufactured: 1970s

Features: Electric Drive

Kinor-16 SX-2M modified version.

Fully functional. Serviced.


  1. Camera body, motor, two 30m mags
  2. Camera body, motor, OKC3-10-1 lens, two 30m mags
  3. Camera body, motor, 16OPF zoom lens, two 30m mags
  4. Camera body, motor, 16OPF zoom lens, 120m + 30m mags


    Kinor-16 - real professional cinema camera with one transport pin, one registration pin, side film clamping.

    Electrical motor of Kinor can be upgrade to crystal sync speed, multi speed, single frame, with digital film counter, remote control, variable speed.

    Film - 16 mm color,or B&W cine film with perforation from one or two sides.

    Position of image on film : as of Russian industrial standard GOST 17706-78.

    Claw mechanism - one side, one transport pin, one side, one registration pin.

    The position image on film echelon of accuracy +/- 0.01 mm.

    Shutter disk - one blade 170 degree opened.

    Film magazine - 30 m ( 100 ft ) and 120 m ( 400 ft)daylight attached film magazines.

    Speed: 25 fps, 8-32 fps.

    Motors: 10EP-16 APK crystal sync speed, 25 fps,

    29EPSS analog speed stabilization, 25 fps.

    Lenses - prime lenses 6 ...300 mm

    Zoom lenses

    12-120 mm 16 OPF-1-2M ,

    10-100 mm ( 12-120 mm with 0.75 front wide angle attachment )

    10-100 mm 16 OPF-12-1

    7,5-75 mm ( 10-100 mm with 0,75 front wide angle attachment ),

    Viewfinder - reflex 9,5x

    Noise - 42 Db

    The maximum time of one take shooting - 10 minutes .

    Size of camera with 29EPSS motor, 30 m film magazine and 10 mm lens 290x220x220mm

    Weight, of camera with 29EPSS motor, 30 m film magazine and 10 mm lens - 4,7 kg

    Work temperature of air - from -25C up to + 40C.


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