SALUT-C (Kiev-88 Hasselblad) 6x6 SLR 120 Vega-12B (V) medium format

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Russian (USSR) medium format camera Salut-S (Type 2) with Vega 90mm f/2.8 lens
(identical to Kiev-88 or Hasselblad)

The camera has been tested by a professional. All mechanical parts work perfectly.

In contrast to the later KIEV models with brass gears, the SALJUT cameras had one made of steel.
That is much more stable and durable.

Salute S (or Salut-S, Salyut-C = Salut-C) is a medium format SLR film system camera, manufactured by Arsenal Factory, in Kiev, Ukraine, formerly USSR.
The first Salyut models were likely the near-copies of the Hasselblad 1000F or 1600F. Salut-S is the very modified model of the first Salut and has a modified version.
This enables full automation of the lenses and the use of extension tubes and a teleconverter.
The Salut / Kiev 88 models are sometimes affectionately referred to as "Hasselbladski" due to their resemblance to a Hasselblad.

The Salyut was the first attempt
to produce an advanced medium format camera. It was probably a near-copy of the Hasselblad 1600.
The Soviets claimed that both the Hasselblad and Saliut were derived from a Nazi prototype, but none of them were originally considered in doubt.
These cameras were very expensive at 400 rubles, which is a 6 month salary for the average Soviet citizen. This means that production is very limited and these cameras are rare.

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