Rare Salut Type 2 collector's item Hasselblad copy early edition

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Very rare version of the Russian copy of the famous Hasselblad medium format camera. Type 2. Collector's item. Rarity.
This Salyut has shutter speeds up to 1/1500. Later models only have 1/1000.

The Salyut (later Kiev-88) was very expensive when it was built, about half a year’s salary for an average Soviet worker,
and was therefore sold and produced in very small numbers. This means that production has been very limited and these cameras and lenses are rare.

Production started in 1957 or 1958 and ended in 1973.
Thanks to the accessories, the camera can be used very universally.
There are lenses with 30, 45, 65, 80, 150,
250 and 300mm focal length.

The camera is very robust and does what it should do:
a lot of fun and, above all, VERY good photos that are in no way inferior to those of an expensive ROLLEI or HASSELBLD.

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