LUBITEL LOMO Lubitel-166 Soviet Ukraine TLR Medium Format 6x6 Vintage camera

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  • Lubitel eary 1952.
  • Lubitel 166 Olympic version.
  • Lubitel 166B GOMZ.

The Lubitel is a TLR made by GOMZ in USSR. The design is clearly inspired by the focusing Voigtländer Brillant, down to the cross pattern embossed into the viewing hood. The Lubitel's T22 7.5cm f/4.5 camera lens and reflex view finder lens are gear-coupled for simultaneous focusing. The camera was marketed in Sweden with badge "Amatör" or "ATLANTIC".

The camera is in good condition. Shutter works, but, in my opinion, not correct. And full functionality has not been checked.
That's why the camera is offered only as a collector's item, gift or interior beautifier.

Lubitel 166 is actually the most technically sophisticated twin-lens camera made in the USSR.
The Lubitel 166 camera has the unique charm of Soviet photographic equipment.

They are often considered toy cameras due to their cheap price, bakelite and later thermoplastic construction and low build quality. However, the Lubitels use 120 film, feature Cooke triplet, all-glass lenses and shutter speeds from bulb to 1/250 of a second. Aperture range is from f/4.5 to f/22. These characteristics are closer to those of an amateur TLR of the 1950s than a toy or disposable camera. They can achieve excellent results when the lens is stopped down but, as with any three-element lens, the results will be soft by today's standards at larger apertures.

Lubitel cameras are often used by art photographers or amateurs looking for a cheap introduction to medium format photography.

See my other items to save shipping costs. This is a used item and may show signs of wear.

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