Kiev-88TTL 6x6 medium format (SALUT-S Hasselblad) factory packaging

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Russian (USSR) 6x6 Kiev-88TTL medium format camera
identical to Salut-S or Hasselblad

Absolutely RARE kit. With factory packaging.

Excellent condition. The camera has been used very little and is in very good condition.
Almost no signs of use.

Manufacturer: ARSAT Arsenal Plant (Kiev, USSR)
It is currently being produced in small batches under the name "Arax".
Manufactured: 1980-2009

Great camera with very sophisticated system accessories and very good optical performance at an unbeatable price that is fun!
Thanks to the accessories, the camera can be used universally. There are lenses with a focal length of 30, 45, 65, 80, 150, 250 and 300 mm.
All optics have a very high initial opening, which makes sheep much easier and allows you to play with the depth of field nicely. There are magazines for the format 6x6 (12 images), 4.5x6cm (16 images) and Polaroid backsides. (C)

Hailed as the most famous of all Kiev cameras, the Kiev-88 comes from the improvements to the salute
Series of medium format cameras manufactured by Arsenal in Ukraine. Learn more about this affordable yet powerful medium format camera:

As an almost identical Soviet copy of the Hasselblad 1600F, this medium format SLR is sometimes jokingly referred to as the Hasselbladski.
It also has a screw bayonet for the interchangeable lenses, similar to the original Hasselblad.

Because Kiev-88 and 88CM cameras are inexpensive, they have become popular alternatives for medium format photographers and enthusiasts.

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Used. Excellent condition.

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