Kiev-60 TTL SLR Medium Format 6x6 USSR MC Volna-3 P6 Pentacon Six Mount USSR

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Full Set Russian (USSR) medium format SLR Kiev 60 TTL (like Pentacon Six)

P6 Pentacon Six Mount

Condition is very good. The camera is after visual inspection as far as technically unobtrusive and functional, but not further examined in detail.

Shutter works. All exposure times / shutter speeds work correctly.

Operating instructions DE + EN + RU as PDF
Repair instructions EN as PDF
Prism operating instructions EN as PDF

 Manufacturer: Arsenalwerk ARSAT (Kiev, USSR)

 At present it is produced in small batches, under the name "Arax".

 Manufactured: 1980-2009

Kiev 60 is a medium format SLR film system camera manufactured by Arsenal Factory, in Kiev, former USSR.

The Kiev 60 is inspired by the Pentacon Six, but it has not been re-designed. So the Kiev 60 is a newer design than the Pentacon Six. They share the same principles and the lens of bayonet but nothing else. So, you can use many of the Pentacon Six lenses. It's the Kiev 60. It's one of the best deals for anyone wanting to do amateur medium format photography. With the prism, it looks, feels and handles like an overgrown 35mm SLR.


Movie: 120 roll, picture size 6x6 cm

Lens: Arsenal Volna-3 MC (ВОЛНА), 80mm f / 2.8 , automatic diaphragm, interchangeable

Mount: Kiev Type C, breech-lock, (same with Pentacon Six),

Filter thread 62mm,

Aperture: f / 2.8 - f / 22,

Focus range: 0.6 -10m + inf

Lens release: Via turning the ring on the front of the lens mount

Focusing: Fresnel matte screen w / central microprism collar around the split image range finder, ring on the lens

Focusing is possible only when shutter cocked, thus mirror goes down and diaphragm sets to full aperture

DOF lever: Two, on the lens and on the right of the lens mount (work when the shutter cocked),

Shutter: Curtain-type cloth focal plane shutter, setting: dial on the left of the top plate, horizontal speed: 2-1 / 1000 + B

Shutter release: On the right side of the body, obliquely positioned, w / cable release screw

Shutter cocking lever: wind the film on the right of the top plate

Frame counter: auto-reset, additive type, minute window display next to the cocking lever, after auto-resetting the letter H (Cyrillic) instead of usual S letter appears in the display

Mirror: Not instant return, the shutter must be cocked for down position (Some variations offered withmirror lockup feature)

Viewfinder: Eye-level SLR pentaprism finder, interchangeable with waist level finder

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