Konvas-Automat 35mm 1KCP-1M professional film camera 1KSR-1M

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Modernized 1M version of the first edition of the famous Konvas-Automat film camera.

Included: Camera Konvas 1KCR-1M, 15EPSS motor, control unit, two film cassettes. No lenses included. 
Storage box can be purchased separately.

Konvas-Automat 1KCP-1M is a professional manual mirror shutter cinema camera designed to use 35mm film. One of the most famous and massive Soviet film cameras, produced in various modifications altogether from 1954 to 1992.
Designed for handheld and tripod shooting of conventional format, widescreen and cassette film.

Good condition. Everything appears to be working but has not been checked with film. Therefore it is only offered as a collector's item or for hobbyists.
A Jupiter-11 cinema lens is included for a surcharge (65 euros).

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