Absolutely rare AKC-1p 35mm movie camera + K10T collimator sight Eyemo copy AKS

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Absolute rare USSR 35mm AKS-1p Russian aerial cine movie camera AKC-1r. 

with storage box, light filters,  Zorki ZK 135mm, Po4-1 35mm and PO3-3 50mm lenses, film cassettes and original K10-T collimator sight.
The lenses are in themselves a collection thing. 135mm lens is labeled "Zorki ZK". Two other lenses have old KMZ logo (1942 to 1949) without the arrow.

Absolutely rare Russian camera in working condition. 

Condition see pictures. Pictures are actual. Camera is tested. Motor works well. With film not tested. The camera was not checked for full function with a film. Everything looks functional, but I can't guarantee functionality. Only the drive were tested. Because there can be no guarantee of full functionality, the camera is only offered as a collector's item, decoration or prop. Like Konvas Kinor Arriflex Eyemo Eclair

It was intended for "shooting from the aircraft of ground and air objects in order to control combat operations, reconnaissance and create documentaries on combat operations and combat training of parts of the Armed Forces of the USSR." The K10-T collimator sight was used as a sight in the anti-aircraft systems of the SPU-2.
 The camera Modification "AKS-1” or "AKS-4”,  targeted at aircraft cine-shooting. The cameras model differs a mechanism is a facilitating load of spring  has a mount place for view-finder of aircrafts sights sistem.

AKS-1 a copy of the Eyemo movie camera (model 71-Z) of the American company Bell & Howell. It was intended for: “shooting ground and air targets from an airplane in order to control combat operations, reconnaissance and create documentary films on combat operations and combat training of units USSR Air Force.

KS cameras were used for chronicle, documentary, expeditionary filming, during the war most of russian military newsreels were armed with these cameras. Remembering the filming of the war years, the honored artist of the  cameraman M. Oshurkov writes: “... All our equipment (mainly domestic) It worked well, with her we reached Berlin.”

CINE CAMERAS "KS" series.  it is produced of Leningrads factory "KINAP” year 1938. 
It is a analog of  cameras "Eyemo”, produced "Bell & Howell” USA. It is a first hands newsreel cameras for 35-mm films in the USSR. The camera spool loading 30m film or external casette 120m. Has a spring drive ensuring a 15-m film run and external motor drive, or hands drive. The camera has speeds: 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 f.p.s.. Interchangeable lenses have a bayonet mount. The camera is supplied complete with a f-28;35;50;75;135мм lens. The camera has parallax view-finder.
The camera "KS-1” has a one mount place for Interchangeable lenses.

Frame format: 16 × 22 mm; 
Applicable film: Type 135; 
Charging system: reel; 
Film stock: 30 m; 
Shooting frequency: 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 fps 68 s) 
Speed ​​is supported by a centrifugal controller 
Vizier: collimator 
Drive: spring (15 m), manual 
Overall dimensions: 285 × 250 × 445 mm 


See my other items to save shipping costs. This is a used item and may have traces of usage.

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