Arri PL mount Krasnogorsk-3 Super16 converted 1.66:1 16mm K-3 K3 Arri Aaton RED

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PL mount Super16 Krasnogorsk-3 16mm Film Movie camera K3 K-3
Meteor 5-1 17-69mm f1.9 zoom lens

The camera is converted to Super16 (1.66:1 ratio) film format(new film gate and lens recentering).
An PL mount was attached to the camera like ARRI, Aaton, Red, Blackmagic, Canon, Sony and others lenses with PL mount.

Super 16 is an image format used in film productions.
Super-16 is located on the picture field of 12.35×7.42mm (width time height). The image side ratio is 5 to 3 or 1:1.66. In contrast to the ordinary picture on 16 mm film, Super 16 offers more than 20 percent more usable negative image area, and thus a better resolution.

Kranosgorsk works in all conditions, in cold, heat, rain and dust. This good camera for travel, expeditions, and in a war zone.
The supplied zoom lens is of extremely high quality and is sufficient for almost any recording situation. Any Pentax screw mount lens will work on the K-3, so you can use any 35mm SLR lens on your K-3.

The K-3 has been adopted by many film schools, including the University of Southern California's School of Cinema and Television. It has a semi-automatic diaphragm setting.

Its low price, rugged construction and sophisticated optics have made it very popular with both beginning filmmakers and professionals. Among the K-3's credits are music videos for the Spin Doctors and Suicidal Tendencies.

Director Spike Lee shot some of the footage in his film Get On The Bus using a K3. There is a photo of Spike holding a K-3 on the cover of the soundtrack CD.