Tair-11A 135mm f/2.8 M42 fast telephoto lens

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The Tair-11A 135 mm f / 2.8 is a fast telephoto lens.

This is a fast, coated lens. It is equipped with a preset aperture. The lens is equipped with a small integrated lens hood.

His 20-Blade apperture is almost ideally round,
This provides a nice blur when it is wide open. The lens is sharp and at the same time three-dimensional.

Compared to modifications 11 and 11-2, the resolution in the center and at the edges is much higher. Plus, the 11A modification offers a more convenient (and up-to-date) build.
Its minimum focusing distance is 30 cm shorter and 1.2 m. It is shorter than its "relatives", but a little heavier.

Modifications using the M42 screw mount are more common, although you can sometimes come across an M39 variant.

The A in the lens name means that the adapter can be attached to the lens -
interchangeable KP-A / N socket (Russian КП-А / Н),
This makes it possible to use the Tair-11A on cameras with the N (Nikon F) bayonet connection, on Nikon cameras and on the Zenit-11 camera.

Resolution according to technical specification (center / edge): 44/24 lpmm

The 11A  can be easily mounted on modern digital SLR cameras.
The model year of a Soviet lens can always be determined from the first two digits of its serial number.

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