Tair-11 133mm f/2.8 fast telephoto lens

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Tair 11 133mm f/2.8 is a fast telephoto lens with an m39 thread.

High-aperture lens with coated optics. Equipped with an iris diaphragm and a device for its presetting.
It was intended for shooting distant objects on location, portraits, especially in low light, group scenes, sports moments, etc. 

The aperture of the Tair-11 lens is almost perfect.
Round shape with 20 lamellas ensures beautiful blurring when the aperture is open.
The picture is moderately sharp and vivid. Due to the low (compared to Tair 11A) resolution, the main area of ​​application is portrait photography. There all its qualities - plasticity, low contrast and sharpness - become essential advantages.
Made with light and dark body.
In 1958, at the world exhibition in Brussels, a set of lenses, which also included the Tair-11, was awarded the highest distinction "Grand Prix".

Resolution according to TU (center / edge): 28/18 lines / mm
Light transmission coefficient: 0.80.

Lens Tair 11 133 mm f / 2.8 - fits easily with an adapter to modern digital SLR cameras.

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