PCS ARSAT 2.8/35 Shift M42 Nikon Canon Sony Alpha/Minolta Sony E

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There are several versions of this lens available. For M42, Nikon, Canon, Sony Alpha/Minolta AF, Minolta MD, Sony E-Mount(extra charge for adapter).

PCS ARSAT 2.8/35mm shift lens with 11mm shift and 360 degree turntable functions enables correction of perspective distortions required in interior and exterior architecture, landscape and product photography.

This 35mm Shiftt is a rugged lens. The angle of view of a 35mm is almost perfect for architecture and interiors. As far as its optical performance goes, it's simply outstanding. Resolution and contrast are excellent.

The main application of this shift lens is perspective control. The lens plate can be rotated 360 degrees and the image axis can be adjusted by 11 mm. This lens is a high quality traditional lens, bright at f/2.8, with lots of shift movement in all directions, unusual wide angle at 35mm.

The lens delivers fine rectilinear rendition with many correction elements, and the superior multi-coated optics deliver excellent performance in all conditions with excellent resolution, sharpness, contrast and control of flare.

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