Nikon mount Mir-3 65mm f/3.5 medium format Lens for Nikon adapted

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The Mir-3 65 mm f/3.5(Russian: "Мир") is a wide-angle lens with an instant-return aperture and a single-layer coating for medium format cameras of the Pentacon Six, the Kiev-60 systems (the B bayonet mount, the Mir-3B version) and the Kiev-88 and the Salyut (the V bayonet mount, the Mir-3V version).

The lens has been professionally converted for use with Nikon cameras.

  • Angle of View: 66°
  • Coefficient of transparency: 0.75.
  • Resolution (center/edge): 40/14 lpmm.

Six-lens anastigmat with 66 ° field of view. Focusing range from 0.4m to infinity. The minimum aperture is 22. The light transmission coefficient is 0.75. Resolution: center / edge (lin / mm) - 40/14. Connecting thread for filters - М88х0.75. Weight - 0.572 kg. The lens was produced in two versions: with a wind-up diaphragm for Salyut and Salyut-S cameras; Further with a push-button for 'Salyut-S' and 'Kiev-88'.

The serial production of the lens for the 'Salut' type cameras began presumably in 1957, for the 'Kiev-6' type cameras - in 1971. At the turn of 1971-1972, the external design of the lens was changed.

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