MC Zenitar-ME1 50mm f/1,7

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MC Zenitar ME1 50mm f/1,7


MC Zenitar ME1 50mm f/1,7 

Bokeh monster ! Unique diaphragm with 2 blades Iris make a square - amazing unusual BOKEH! 


Lens is in good condition. This lens is very desired and rare. Limited edition. Ca. 7001 pieces. 

The optical scheme was borrowed from the Leica Leitz's Summicron 50 


The lens has very high quality optical properties due to the use of very high quality lens glass (some sources say pure crystal is used). 

A special feature of this lens is a two-bladed shutter, which forms a square aperture when covered. 

Accordingly, the image made by the MC Lens Zenitar-ME1 50 mm f / 1.7 has a specific bokeh. Blur circles in the side of the diaphragm 1.7 - quite round, farther, as they close - squares with different degrees of roundness of rounding and at the aperture 8 and smaller - is almost the right square. 

Using adapters, the lens can be used on modern SRL-DSRL and mirrorless cameras. 


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Used. Good working condition.

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