MC Vega-28 120mm f/2.8 Kiev-88 Salut Salyut-C Kiev-80 Zenith-80

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MC Vega-28 120 mm f/2.8 (Russian: "Вега") - fast telephoto lens with fixed focal length for medium format cameras Kiev-88/Salut-Mount. Multicoated.
With the adapter also fits Pentacon Six systems

Good condition, fully functional.
Shipped from Germany.

MC Vega-28 120mm f/2.8 - lightweight, compact and easy to use lens.

Angle of view - 41 °, resolution (center / edge) at least 50/30 l/mm.

Vega-28 120 / 2.8 Image characteristics:

sharpness, perfectly correct bokeh.
Sharpness with an open aperture.
Where other lenses make the background "busy," this lens creates beautiful blurry out-of-focus areas.

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