JUPITER-9 f/2 85mm M39 LTM rangefinder CZ Sonnar Copy rangefinder

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Russian lens Jupiter-9 85mm f / 2 M39 for rangefinder cameras.

With adapters it can be used on modern SRL-DSRL and mirrorless cameras.

One of the best Russian old lenses. Great choice for a portrait photograph.
Optical scheme based on the Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar.
The Jupiter 9 is a copy of the well-known 85/2 Sonnar.
It's a very good lens for portraits: Leicaists know it.
The late black versions seem better than the chrome versions; probably a question of the coating.

Jupiter-9 is a coated lens with long focal length for FED, Zorki, Leica,
Bessa and other rangefinder cameras.
The first Russian lenses for 35 RF cameras were made at the KMZ factory on the basis of Zeiss and Leica equipment imported into the USSR after World War II.

All Soviet factories exhibiting photographic equipment (including famous KMZ, LOMO, Arsenal, and Litkarino factories)
, spent mostly military equipment, and a small portion was for civilian use only, and these civilian goods were of high enough quality to earn world fame for the best value for money.

It can be mounted on any LTM RF camera, including modern Bessa cameras,
and can be used with many digital micro 4/3 cameras with the adapter!

Most Soviet lenses are exceptionally good and this one is no exception!

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Used. Very good condition.

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