JUPITER-36B 250mm f / 3.5 Pentacon Six Kiev-88 Salut-C medium format

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USSR Russian JUPITER-36B 250mm F3.5 long focus lens (telephoto lens)

for medium format SLR B-Mount Praktisix, Pentacon Six (P6), Exakta 66, Kiev 6C, Kiev 60, Kiev 88CM, Kiev 90, Hartblei- and Arax cameras.
or for V-Mount Kiev-88, Salut, Slayut-S, Zenith-80, Kiev-80, Revue 6x6, Hartblei and Arax medium format cameras.
There are two types of attachment available.

P6 Pentacon Six mount
Kiev-88 Salut-C-Mount

Lens Jupiter-36 250mm f / 3.5 fully functional even with the aperture open.
Good sharpness and contrast. Conveys very nice color. Good plasticity of the image, a fairly harmonious pattern of blurring from foreground and background (bokeh).

Jupiter-36 250mm f / 3.5 at its current price in the secondary market has excellent properties. Can be used in portraits, distant objects, sports, flora and fauna.
Jupiter-36 can be easily installed on modern mirror and mirrorless cameras.

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Used. Good condition.

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