Early 1953 JUPITER-3 1.5/50 KMZ #5300950 SILVER portrait RF M39 LTM Leica Mount

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Very rare and very qualitative M39 Jupiter-3 RF Silver 

1953 KMZ version #5300950 red П 

lens with the best optics quality.

KMZ factory !!! No ZOMZ, no Valdai factory!!!

It is assumed that all lenses produced before 1954 are equipped with Carl Zeiss glass from reparations to the Soviet Union.

At the beginning, it was produced from captured Zeiss block lenses, exported from Germany after the war as reparations (descriptions of technologies, Schott equipment, as well as various structural materials, including optical glass, were also exported), and was referred to as the Zonnar Krasnogorsky lens (ZK). After it was renamed Jupiter-3.

In 1954, after the stocks of German optical glass were exhausted, the Jupiter-3 lens was recalculated by M.D. Maltsev on domestic glass. The lens barrel has also been slightly changed, for example, the focus ring has been redesigned. In 1955, the converted Jupiter-3 50 mm f/ 1.5 was put into mass production.

Aperture iris, rounded, 13 petals. Changes manually smoothly, not discretely, so any intermediate values ​​​​are possible. This feature is also appreciated in video shooting for creating effects.

The Jupiter - 3 50 mm f/ 1.5 lens forms a very beautiful, plastic image with good contrast, has a 'characteristic' pattern. An amazing combination of softness and sharpness, beautiful bokeh - made it very popular with portrait photographers. The 'German' versions of this lens (manufactured before 1955) are especially valued and distinguished by their design.

Jupiter-3 super-fast lens with coated optics for Leica, Bessa, FED, Zorki and other rangefinder cameras with same lens mount and with same optical registration.

It was a replica of the German Carl Zeiss Sonnar 1.5/50.

It can be mounted on any LTM RF camera, include modern Bessa cameras, and it can be used with many digital Micro 4/3 cameras with the adapter. In the main, most Soviet lenses are exceptionally good and this is no exception!

At f/1.5 it really is all about the background. For portraits with the background way out of focus you can get very very smooth bokeh.

The Jupiter-3renders very beautiful, flexible image with good contrast and "characteristic" bokeh. The amazing combination of softness and sharpness, as well as beautiful bokeh, made it very popular among portrait photographers. The "german" versions of this lens are especially popular and distinguished for its bokeh.

The Jupiter-3  can be used on mirrorless cameras such as the Sony NEX or the Micro 4/3 system cameras.

Format: 35mm rangefinder

Type: Prime lens

Focusing: Manual Focus (MF)

Lens mounts: M39 Leica screw-mount (LSM)

First year of production: 1948

Optical design: 7 elements in 3 groups


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