ARRI PL mount OKC 3-10-1 1.8/10mm cine lens Kinor OKS LOMO Red Aaton

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Russian USSR OKC 3-10-1 1.8/10mm cine lens for professional 16mm cine camera Kinor 16CX. The lens is adapted and adjusted to ARRI PL mount.

Fast cine lens for 16mm cameras.  OKS3-10-1 10mm f/1.8 - a wide-angle lens with a constant focal length is designed for shooting on 16mm film.

A fast film-making lens OKS3-10-1 in very good condition.  

With the right adapter or after conversion, it can be used with modern mirrorless cameras.

 Format: 16mm (movie cameras)

 Type: Fixed focal length (fixed)

 Focus: Manual Focus

 Additional Information:

 Angle of view - 2W = 63.56

 Manufacturer - KMZ

 Focal Length - 10.18 mm

 Effect  rel.  lens holes (1: P) - 1: 2.2

 Lens Length - 59.83 mm

 Per.  top  Fock distance - 27.10 mm

 Rear  top  Fock.  distances - 14.34 mm

 Working distance - 19.75 mm

 Block length - 61.0 mm

 The largest diameter of the block is 55 mm

 Diameter of the back of the frame - 13.5 mm

 The light diameter of the front lens is 40.76 mm

 Rear light diameter  lenses - 9.24 mm;

 The distance from the rear end of the frame of the system to the focal.  pl.  - 14.1 mm;

 Frame size - 7.45x10.05 mm.

 Landing thread - Sp.M 14x0.75

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